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The production is divided into 4 product lines: smoked, fresh, shrimp and salmon sausage:


The company since 1969 has specialized in smoking of Atlantic salmon and Pacific and to date more than three thousand tons of salmon are processed annually. Along with these other fish species such as tuna, swordfish, sea trout and sturgeon are smoked.

The production begins with the phase of deheading of the fish and filleting the whole fish into fillets that after a thorough cleaning and the removal of plugs and skin completes the first phase of the process followed by salting.

Years of experience have allowed FJORD S.p.A. to obtain a special blend of beech wood to ensure the meat of the salmon, in the slow smoking process, a particular taste and delicate aroma that gives it a unique and inimitable flavour.

During slicing, carried out in strict compliance with the sanitary conditions and controlled temperature, the salmon is sliced and stored in vacuum bags or protective atmosphere to ensure that it retains all its natural fragrance and a high level of quality for the final consumer.

  • Phase 1 1-raw-material.jpg
  • Phase 2 2-filletting.jpg
  • Phase 3 3-pinning.jpg
  • Phase 4 4-salting.jpg
  • Phase 5 5-smoking.jpg
  • Phase 6 6-trimming.jpg
  • Phase 7 7-slicing.jpg
  • Phase 8 8-packaging.jpg
  • Phase 9 9-shipping.jpg
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Smoked salmon as a gift on the occasion of major anniversaries is a precious gift , a touch of class and tradition and a feast for the table of those who receive it.

Gastronomy Taste:

The best salmon are carefully selected with special cuts and refined recipes to impress the palates of the most demanding consumers.

Fjord 2013 catalog


The line offers fresh salmon and other fish specialties in fresh preparations ready to cook.


From the warm seas of Southeast Asia and from the icy depths of the North Atlantic all preserved in brine in a wide range of sizes to suit all types of customers.


Il Wurstel di salmone

Launched in 2013, after a years-long search to find the best recipe, FJORD S.p.A. introduces the newest product family: the salmon sausage. 100% of salmon, no preservatives, glutamate, gluten and polyphosphates. Suitable for all tastes from those who want to keep the fit taking advantage of the characteristic properties of the salmon to those who want to make their children eat fish or those who simply want satisfy themselves with something good.

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